Weekend Rewind: Playing with Paint

So I’ve decided to paint my living room! I know people say you shouldn’t spend money prettying up a rental apartment, but in the grand scheme of things paint is a minor expense (especially when you have a dad nearby that can loan you some brushes, ladders, old sheets, etc.). The flat white paint in my apartment is so chalky and gross. I think a fresh coat would bring me much more enjoyment than the cost of a few gallons of paint. Eee, I’m so excited!

Plus, I know I told y’all that I was meeting with a realtor a few weeks back… Well, I’ve decided not to look to buy for at least another year. I feel like I’m just now getting on my feet a bit financially—yes, a good 5+ years after college. And I don’t want to go back to being poor again. I’m not exactly living the high life (unless you include the $2 High Life specials at the bar), but I like being able to buy a new pair of jeans or visit a friend for a weekend and not have to pinch every single penny for the rest of the month. What’s the point of having a nice condo when you can’t afford to furnish it or turn the heat on?

So that means I’ll be in my current apartment for at least another year and four months. Bring on the Benjamin Moore!

Don’t ask me why, but I have it in my head that I want to paint the living room a light blue. It’s kind of hard to tell anything by these iPhone pics (my bad), but the one on the left is grayer than the other brighter one on the right, though just barely. The left is Summer Shower and the right is Whispering Spring. Any thoughts?

IMG_1218This weekend, I also did one of those painting-and-drinking classes that are oh so popular here in Chicago. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, basically the idea is that you show up, buy drinks or BYOB (depending on where it’s being held) and the host will bring all your painting supplies and a sample picture. Then he/she goes about teaching you how to paint the picture. I haven’t done much painting since my 4-H days. (Yep, I was that weird non-agriculture kid that did “visual arts”…) It was fun, but now I definitely know why I stopped pursuing that hobby.

OK, so it’s not terrible, and I was also rushed. Have you ever seen pink lily pads? I haven’t, but that’s what the sample painting looked like so I followed suit…

IMG_1219I’d totally do it again. I joined three girl friends, and we had a blast—with the exception that the Michigan/Kentucky game was on. Just bad timing there. Anybody’s bracket still in tact?

4 thoughts on “Weekend Rewind: Playing with Paint

  1. There’s nothing wrong with waiting a year. It’s a smart plan and you recognize the pros and cons. Hell I’m much longer than 5 years out of college and hop just starting to get back upright.

    Sold the house 7 years ago and haven’t owned since. 2015 is the goal. All good.

    As far as the paint, I’d go with a tone darker than what you want. It’ll add depth, dimension to an abundance of baby blue color.

    • Thanks so much for the words of encouragement! And as for the paint, I guess I worry about going too dark only because my sofa is charcoal gray and my TV console is really a walnut dresser. Is that too many dark or muted colors? I think I like the gray-blue color since it’s not the standard baby shower blue.

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