Throwback Thursday: Middle School Bedroom

I’m not embarrassed to say I had a crush on Freddie Prinze Jr. growing up. She’s All That? Swoon. He may have been a terrible actor, but you have to admit he was pretty damn cute. HuffPo agrees with me. And Buffy.

But what every tween may not have had was a FPJ and Heath Ledger handmade poster. Oh yes, I caught on to Heath waaaay before the Brokeback Mountain craze. 10 Things I Hate About You? Still love it.

DSC00501Sorry, I should have given you some kind of warning before throwing that hideous picture out there. But you can see my hunky man collage on the left. What you can also see is a SHIT TON of other stuff. I was definitely a hoarder. I still am a little, but I’m a recovering hoarder.


I think I was a hippie child? I’m seeing glow-in-the-dark peace signs, psychedelic art work, tie-dye curtains… and then some chili pepper lights? Not sure where those fit in. Add a bit of an Asian vibe and some athletic gear, and what we have is beyond a hot mess.

DSC00500Also, check out all the dolls and Beanie Babies… ah, they threaten to come alive and take over! So. Many.

DSC00503I think my mom told me one time that this was their furniture when they got married. They waited 10 years to have me, and I was probably 13 at the time… You can do the math there.

Anybody else willing to share their embarrassing first attempts at design?


2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Middle School Bedroom

  1. tia Cindy says:

    That furniture was first my bedroom furniture, so do THAT math and what have are antiquities! Sure was gorgeous mahogany though.

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