IKEA Solution: Winter Linens Storage

I had a lapse in judgement this weekend. No, I didn’t have too many whiskeys or splurge on an expensive pair of shoes or quit my day job (thankfully).

I put away my fleece blanket. It’s mid-March, I thought. We’re in the final stretch.

And then I woke up this morning to this…

winterMarchThat’s about five more inches of snow. It brings Chicago’s snowfall total this winter to just under 80 inches. Eighty friggin’ inches, people! I should have known better.

But the good news is that I’ve discovered an awesome new storage solution for when/if I finally can store those heavy linens: IKEA’s Komplement Wire Basket.

DSC00390I spotted it when I was there on Saturday, and while I wasn’t exactly on the hunt for more under-the-bed storage, its perfection hit me as soon as I saw it. Funny how IKEA always seems to make you pick up things you don’t need… but I swear this was a solid investment. DSC00392It was a Last Chance item (which I think means they’re discontinuing it? Maybe they’re discontinuing this beige color, but who cares, nobody’s going to see it anyway), so it would’ve originally gone for $25, but I snagged it for $8. I’m seriously thinking about driving the 30-some-odd miles out there just to get another one for the other side of the bed. DSC00394

It fits perfectly under my no-frills full frame. It’s originally made to fit in one of the IKEA wardrobes, and it came with the equipment to install it to slide out, but I just pitched that part of it. It really fits a surprising amount of stuff. This is one heating blanket, one full set of sheets, plus a few extra pillowcases, and a full set of heavy-duty fleece sheets.

DSC00400What’s your trick to storing your winter linens?


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