Design Inspiration: Modular Geometric Pendant Lights

When I was in Mexico, we visited a neighborhood in Guadalajara called Tonalá. It’s where a lot of the handicrafts (pottery, leather, etc.) are made and sold; it’s a mix of workshops and stores. We didn’t have nearly enough time to explore, but we did find a gem of a tin goods warehouse. (I wish I knew the name so I could share it with you, but alas, I was too busy snapping away to write down the name.) Check out all these goodies:

My aunt bought a beautiful, big wall mirror, and it was only $35! I snagged a smaller one—one of the ones with a tile “trim”—and it made it home safely (once I hang it, I’ll show it off). But what I was really drooling over were these geometric pendants:

photoI’ve never seen anything quite like ’em. They’re kind of 70s-ish, maybe? If there would have been anyway I could have gotten one—or all three!—home, I absolutely would have. I didn’t inquire about the price, but I can’t imagine they were more than $75 each, given the bargain prices of the other items we bought.

Until I can return for these pretties, I might have to settle for making my own modular geometric pendants out of paper… Though that sure seems like a lot more work!


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