I Want That Wednesday

What do I want this Wednesday? To get the hell out of Dodge. This arctic weather is finally getting to me. I just about had a nervous breakdown yesterday. Seriously. The wind chill is about -10, my nose is running, my skin is dry, my lips are chapped and my hair is literally breaking off. I look a mess, and I just can’t schlep around in this anymore!

Luckily, I had the foresight to book a trip to Mexico. I leave today. THANK GOD. I almost want to cry with joy. But I won’t because my tears would probably freeze.

I’m leaving behind this…

For this…

I may be white as a ghost in my bathing suit, but I don’t care. Adios, amigos. Hasta martes!

(Chapala Image: Javier Ramos Salazar)

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