Long Live Expedit?

People are really up in arms about this Expedit news. If you haven’t heard, IKEA is discontinuing the iconic shelving unit. I somehow ran across the news on a record enthusiast’s (apparently the cubes are the perfect size for records) blog last week, but the outcry went mainstream before I even had a chance to bring it you. I’m not the journalist I once was… I’m sorry.

EXPEDITI don’t have a particular emotional tie to the Expedit, though I did inherit one from a friend who was moving cross country a few years ago and, damn, they can hold a lot of stuff. I had to get rid of it when I moved into my place in Roscoe Village because the piece was just too big, but I’d buy another if I had the space for it. It’s very versatile.

But the thing I think many people are missing is that IKEA is replacing it with… something that looks damn near exactly the same:

KALLAX with optional wall bracketThough I have to say the “optional wall bracket” it’s pictured with doesn’t exactly evoke confidence, IKEA says this new Kallax “is more durable (with a more scratch-resistant surface), more child-friendly (with rounded corners), and still fits all existing storage baskets and boxes.”

I’m not sure why it needs a new name, but I guess time will tell who wins the Expedit vs. Kallax battle. Maybe it’ll be like the Sears Tower/Willis Tower: The good guys will still call it Expedit.

Do you have a soft spot for Expedit? Share your story below.

(Images: IKEA, BHG, Because I’m Addicted, Dream Green DIY)


One thought on “Long Live Expedit?

  1. oh man. so silly. it’s the same piece of furniture except it has thinner outsides. for a company who uses 1% of the world’s lumber, an inch makes a difference! this is best of all worlds peeps!

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