Weekend Rewind: Andy Visits!

One of my favorite people (and a past roommate, twice over) was in town this weekend: Andy! He lives in Portland now, but me and him go waaay back—like kindergarten back. Actually the town I grew up in is so small, that you pretty much know everyone your age (and your siblings ages) for your entire childhood. And I’m luckily enough to still call many of them friends. For instance, five of us in this pic went to elementary, middle and high school together:

GroupPicSilly Reilly with her eyes closed. Anyway, we went to brunch at Deleece. It was just ok, but I appreciated the fact that they could accommodate a group of 10, a rarity in Chicago’s packed brunch scene. I liked my breakfast the day before much better:

donutYup, that’s two doughnuts. Just for me. Deal with it. (Much love to Dinkel’s old fashioned, by the way.)

What were you up to this weekend? Hopefully you were more productive than I…


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