Quiz: What’s Your Design Aesthetic?

Everyone’s favorite listicle website, Buzzfeed, now has a fun new design quiz! The questions range from “What color is your soul?” (definitely navy) to “How would you like your eggs?” (deviled, duh).

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 12.12.13 PMI got… Pottery Barn meets a Pinterest search for the term “rustic.” At first I was VERY upset. I’ve never bought a thing from PB or searched “rustic” on Pinterest! But then I read the description:

You love to keep your stuff in baskets and mason jars. Your dream house features a wood porch, exposed beams, and lighting fixtures made from twigs. When you are old, you will move to a log cabin or a cozy barn-like structure and live by lantern light.

OK, so it’s about half right. I do not have baskets, but I do like to drink out of mason jars. My dream house does have a wood porch and exposed beams, but definitely not lighting fixtures made from twigs. (What does that even mean?) And I can see myself going the log cabin route when I’m old and cranky, but I highly doubt I’ll give up electricity.

What’s your style? Take the quiz here, and let me know if it more accurately portrays your tastes!

One thought on “Quiz: What’s Your Design Aesthetic?

  1. tia Cindy says:

    Well, this can’t be right….I am also rustic and one thing is certain, our tastes are nothing alike. I do love taking this silly tests, even if they are strange.

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