Pretty in Pink

It’s almost Valentine’s Day! Hello, chocolates and flowers and rom coms! Just keeding. We have no plans for V-Day except a House of Cards marathon (season two is out Friday!) and, if I’m lucky, takeout.

Exciting, eh?

While I’m not really a touchy-feeling romantic type (though I do like surprises… hint, hint), I can’t deny my love for hot pink year around. I’ve been noticing a lot of pink and gold combos popping up, and I’m crushing HARD. I think the boy would kill me if I pinked our living room, so I’ve been collecting ideas for a future girly office, and let me just say: It’s going to be awesome.

But in the meantime, here’s a few of my trend favs:

PINK1. Trina Turk La Playa Fuchsia/Purple Embroidered Pillow, $140, Zinc Door
2. Michael Kors Bedford Leather Crossbody, $178, Nordstrom
3. Thonet Chair in Hot Pink, $150, ABC Carpet & Home
4. Gold Bazooka Pink Dial Seaport Chronograph, $250, Kate Spade
5. #GirlyGirl Pencil Set, $8, Design Darling
6. Moroccan Glasses Set of 6 – Pink/Gold, $45, Design Menagerie


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