I Want That Wednesday

I’m in the market for new coasters. It seems like such a silly thing to spend money on, but when you have a glass coffee table (never. again.), they’re pretty key. The set I have now are those coasters that were popular a few years ago (OK, maybe more than that, I have had them since college…) where you can slip photos or scrapbook paper in and out of the plastic pocket on the back to change what the coasters look like. Know what I’m talking about? They’re perfect for someone who flips her design style every other day like me.

But alas, the plastic pockets on the back have lost their stickiness, and honestly they’re looking a little dated anyway. I’m sure someone more creative than I would whip up a DIY plan for these (washi tape seems to be the answer to everything), but I’m ready to let them go. If you have an idea, send it my way!

In the meantime, I happened upon these in Anthropologie last weekend:

4fb2e8ee0e87d98e07913f9f8c38da91Aren’t they unique? They’re called celestial coasters. This is the grey (which actually isn’t listed on their site anymore), but there’s 11 other colors to choose from too—all beautiful. Plus, if you get them in the store, you can mix and match colors!

$32/set of four -or- $8/each in store, anthropologie.com


4 thoughts on “I Want That Wednesday

  1. I got some of those from Anthropologie just a different color and I love them! I also made something like this with pottery, I hadused those little glass beads you can buy from the dollar store and baked it in the kiln with the bead just sitting in a bowl and it looked just like that! Good luck, would like to see photos if you experiment with tiles!

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