Craigslist Crush: Vintage Faux Bamboo Shelves

I don’t know what it is, but I’m dying to get some faux bamboo in my apartment.  Maybe it’s because this winter has been so miserable, and I want to pretend I’ve escaped to a tiki bar somewhere exotic. Or maybe I’m still just crushing on Hollywood Regency style. But either way, I ran across this handsome pair and fell instantly in love:

00909_6yhhvP17EJB_600x450Now, I’m not crazy about the stain. I’m sure an antique enthusiast would kill me for saying this, but I’d love to lacquer these in something super glossy, like white or bronze. Or navy. Mmm, yeah navy.00t0t_5by8H8VeGy1_600x450They’d look great flanking a TV a la:

e5d013ef94c682198156cd5e08fe9d07Even if that’s not your cup of tea, you can’t deny the storage potential. Or can you? Am I the only one constantly on the hunt for more/better places to put stuff? Maybe I just have too much…

Click here for the Craigslist Chicago ad.

(Images: Craigslist, Emily Henderson)

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