Weekend Rewind: Decade of the Woman?

I’ve been a guy’s girl for a long time. I’ve almost always had more guy friends than girl friends (probably has something to do with liking sports and disliking The Bachelor)… until now. I still like hanging with my bros, but I was feeling some major girl power on Friday night! I finally organized a Girls Night Out after different groups of my girl friends and I had talked about it for months and months. It was a good turnout, too, despite this brutal weather. About 15 of us took over Pops for Champagne, a champagne bar in River North, and then The Kerryman, an Irish bar nearby.

I was so happy to bring some different pockets of friends together, and hopefully it was a bit of work and pleasure. I’d love to create one of those awesome women’s networking events you hear about in New York and San Fran some day. (If you have advice on doing this, hit me up!) My BF and I have a running joke that it’s The Year of the Woman, and now it’s progressed into The Decade of the Woman. I just say it to rib him, but in all honesty, it’s awesome that we’re seeing women take on these major roles in business, media, politics and the like. Just off the top of my head I think of people like Sheryl Sandburg, Marissa Meyer, Jenna Lyons, Tina Fey, Malala Yousafzai, Hillary Clifton, etc. etc.

I won’t go off into some femisinst rant. I do like Say Yes to the Dress after all.

Unfortunately I completely forgot to get a group shot, but here’s one of Rebecca, Mairead (who I haven’t seen since summer!) and me. 8207_10100204441264934_1562482599_n

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