Design Inspiration: “Float”

I’m really enjoying exploring the Loop—and even a bit of the South Loop—now that my job is downtown. I’ve never actually worked in the Loop proper, so the last time I hung out in this part of the city is when I moved up to Chicago for a summer in high school (shout out to Columbia College’s HSSI—one of the absolute best things my parents let me do). I can’t believe I’m going to admit this, but that was 10 YEARS ago! Omg…

Anyway, much love goes out to the Chicago Loop Alliance and their offshoot Pop-Up Art Loop. It’s an organization that creates partnerships between artists and property owners, transforming empty storefronts in the Loop. Temporary gallery, exhibition and interactive space is created at no cost to the artist and in prime real estate. What a good idea! (They also host gallery walks and an alley party, among other initiatives.)

photo 2As you can imagine, the work is always changing, but my favorite right now is Noah MacMillan‘s “Float,” a mural that wraps around the southwest corner of State and Adams. They say, “The artwork, which is the largest of its kind in Chicago, depicts a surreal parade winding through downtown Chicago, in which colorful sea-creature floats appear to swim through the streets.” You know I have a soft spot for all things nautical…photo 1


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