Explore: New Orleans

I just realized that I never shared my adventures in Nola with you guys!

Best way to start a trip: new kicks.

Best way to start a trip: with new kicks for me and the bro.

The family trip to New Orleans came about very last minute. At Thanksgiving I said something to my mom about how we should go on a short trip somewhere over the holidays since she and I both work for schools now, my brother would be home from college, and my dad is semi-retired/consulting so his schedule is somewhat flexible. Might as well take advantage of the time, amirite?

So she set about her used-to-be-a-travel-agent ways, and somehow scored us FREE Southwest flights the weekend before Christmas using miles. She’s a miracle worker, I tell ya.

We got in late Friday night, grabbed some beignets, took a quick walk through the French Quarter and crashed for the night. The next day was filled with more French Quarter touring (the French Market: meh), food and drinks, a very long walk through the Financial District, the Garden District and Lafayette Cemetery No. 1 (we did find a Peters mausoleum!), and finally more food and drinks. And drinks. Did I say that already? (More on that tomorrow.)

Thankfully we did so much Saturday because it poured on Sunday. And we got stuck in it. Not fun.

But we made the most of it, attempting to take the (free, mind you) ferry over to Algiers—well, we did ferry over, but once we got to the port, we got off, took a few pictures and got right back on. The real bright spot (quite literally, see the gold log cabin!) of the day was the New Orleans Museum of Art. I’d read that they had a Gordon Parks exhibit, which I was keen to see since the other option was sitting in the hotel bar. But the most impressive part turned out to be the Photography at NOMA exhibit. If you’re a photo nerd like me and find yourself in Nola, I’d highly recommend it. As well as Coop’s Place, which is where we had dinner. Good drinks, good food, good music, good vibe.

And then we were homeward bound. It certainly wasn’t long enough to do all the exploring that I wanted to. I’d go back in a heart beat, though I could skip the whole Bourbon Street shenanigans. I have Wrigleyville for that.


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