I Want That Wednesday

Is anybody else excited for Sunday’s Golden Globes ceremony? I’m not usually one for awards shows, but I am a big fan of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. In fact, I watched all of the Parks and Recreation episodes on Netflix over the last three weeks. That’s five season worth. Maybe it wasn’t the most productive way to spend my holiday break…

But anyway, a friend asked me the other day: If you could have any one designer create a dress for you, who would it be? I immediately said Elie Saab. I am not nearly as in to fashion as I used to be (too busy studying House Beautiful and the latest West Elm catalog—which has some great new things in it, by the way—to dilly-dally with Anna Wintour and Vogue), but every single red carpet event seems to have a least one Elie Saab number. I’ve never seen a dress he’s designed that I didn’t like!

eliesaab_frontSooo, if I were going to the Globes, I’d wear this, from the fall/winter 2013 couture collection.

483d411616bed6dc980fcf80f8da222dIt’s so elegant! Especially the back. I’m in love with the way chiffon (or maybe this is some kind of fancy version of chiffon that I don’t know about, but you get my point) moves—have been ever since I first saw Dirty Dancing, of all things.

abe4ea542168ef185b6565690cf6c4ceI’d definitely need to get my tan on for this dress, but that wouldn’t be a problem if I was a glamorous movie star living in California. Instead, I’ll just be here. Watching it on TV. Bundled up in sweats.  Hibernating in Chiberia.

So if you were going to the Globes, who would you want to design your dress?

(Images: Style.com, Pinterest, fashionrightnow.co.uk)

3 thoughts on “I Want That Wednesday

  1. tia Cindy says:

    Love Elie Saab and this dress is gorgeous and you would look great in it. I also love Marchesa. When I win the lottery I’ll buy them for us!

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