Design Inspiration: Wright Chairs

Where do you fall on the comfort versus style debate? And I’m not just talking flats versus heels here. (I’d, without a doubt, choose flats in that fight.) What about, say, a couch? Is it more important for it to have great lines or be able to double as a twin bed? Well, hopefully nobody is asking, “WWFLWD?” Frank Lloyd Wright, that is.

IMG_3967-editFrom the Chicago History Museum: Wright designed these chairs for the Glencoe home of his lawyer, Sherman M. Booth. Originally part of a dining room suite, the chairs are more striking in appearance than they are comfortable. As Wright later confessed, “I found it difficult … to design it [furniture] as architecture and make it ‘human’ at the same time—fit for human use. I have been black and blue in some spot, somewhere almost all my life from too intimate contact with my own early furniture.”

Um, ouch! I think these chairs are beautiful—I’m a sucker for pretty much anything cane—but I don’t think I could go so far as to buy them if I thought they’d give me (and my dinner guests) bruises. I guess that’s why they’re in a museum now: They’re only pretty to look at!


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