Rugs on the Run

This is really a Weekend Rewind: Part II because on Friday night I was home alone, and you know what that usually means… I move furniture. I can’t just sit still and watch movies and relax! I have to do something productive. Or maybe I should say “productive” since this didn’t really accomplish a whole lot except to give me a backache from the aforementioned moving of furniture.

But anyway, at the time I thought it’d be fun to mix and match a few rugs I already owned to see if they could be re-purposed in different spaces. So for instance, I put the rug that was in the bedroom in the living room:

rug_livingroomThe end result:

IMG_1650And I put a rug that I had in storage from the old apartment in the dining room:

diningroom_rugThe final product:

IMG_1668So what do you think? I like the new look, especially the turquoise rug in the dining room since it matches the pendant lamp. Julio thinks the looks are too summery and wants to go back to the homey oriental rugs. Chime in below!


12 thoughts on “Rugs on the Run

    • Thanks so much! Yeah, I’m kind of on-the-fence about the yellow striped rug. The living room and dining room flow into each other, and it’d be great if the colors matched at least somewhat… but there’s no red in the dining room! (Though I’ve heard you should put red in dining rooms because it makes food look more appetizing.)

      • I’m a fan of red. Small pops of color. Things like red in a rug. Check. Red in most of our duvets. Check. Table cloths need red. I suppose that out of all fairness I should take pics. Our place isn’t “all that” but being in a rental… we have to pick our battles. 😉

  1. Tracy Jo says:

    I love the colors in both- it definitely looks more like you. I agree that the one in the dining room should be larger but other than that – they’re both great.

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