I Want That Wednesday

With the first snow fall of year now under our belts, winter has, in fact, arrived here in Chicago. I shouldn’t complain because fall really did last longer than normal, but now those beautiful leaves are scattered along the ground, the trees are barren and every day seems a bit grayer than the one before. Let the hibernation begin!

But while I break out the heating blanket and debate whether to insulate the windows, it sure would be nice to still enjoy a bit of mother nature away from that damn Chicago wind. Enter: fresh flowers.

Bloom2Bloom_fireworksFlowers are something that I would LOVE to have on hand year-round, but it’s just one of those extras that not in the budget right now. If you look through any shelter magazine, almost all of the featured homes have a vase of flowers in at least one shot. Plus, there’s supposedly health benefits to having fresh flowers around. Flower power, indeed!

bloom2bloom_interiorSure, I could go buy flowers at my grocery or a flower shop—I do like to “shop small” when I can—but since we’re entering the holiday season, it’s always nice to give a little something back, too. I’m loving the seasonal flowers from Bloom 2 Bloom. With every bouquet you buy, another one is donated to a community organization, like a hospital, shelter or nursing home. So you’re making someone else feel special, too! It’s definitely something to consider if you’re gifting flowers, a better alternative to the big, box, 1-800-FLOWERS kind of places.

bloom2bloom_redhotAlso, all the flowers are grown right here in the U.S. of A. Each boutique is priced between $40 and $50, which doesn’t seem unreasonable.

OK, so who needs my address? : )


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