Craigslist Crush: Danish Teak Vanity

As a child, I spent hours playing at my grandma’s vanity. It was part of the bathroom in what seemed to me at the time to be her and my grandpa’s grand mansion. (A sitting room no one was allowed in except for on Christmas? Does Santa live in there?) There was a white-leather-and-gold stool that boosted me up so I could look into the magnifying mirror (just like princesses and movie stars) and proceed to try on each and every one of her lipsticks and nail polishes. With a daughter in the cosmetic industry, and a fashionista in her own regard, my grandma certainly didn’t lack options of either.

I would kill to have the space for mirrored trays of perfume bottles and blush brushes galore. But such is city life. Or rather a renter’s life on a budget.

Plus, to be honest, I just don’t have all that much makeup, and a “girlie” vanity doesn’t really fit my mid-century aesthetic. Or does it?

Enter this danish teak beauty by Vinde Mobelfabrik:

01616_28ytRKkqURU_600x450Now, I still don’t have a place for it, but it would surely fit in if I did. I love the beautiful teak, the simple lines and the utilitarian design. According to the Craigslist post, Vinde Mobelfabrik was a mid-century manufacturer of Danish Modern furniture, identifiable by the interlocking V and M logo on the back of most pieces. If you do a quick Google Images search, you can see all the cool things attributed to VM (looks like mostly bedroom furniture and desks, so perhaps this piece is a rarity).

I can’t say whether this vanity is worthy of a $400 investment, but it is a beautiful piece. Click here to see the Craigslist ad for more info.

(Images: Craigslist)


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