Weekend Rewind: There’s a Snake in my Boots

Is there an age when you’re just too old for Halloween? Trick-or-treating is one thing (and one thing I probably did do too long…), but what about dressing up in costume? Well, if there is an age limit, hopefully I’m not over that hill. I went to a Halloween party this weekend, and honestly, it was a blast! It was at a crappy little bowling alley down the street from my apartment—and by crappy, I mean exactly the way bowling alleys should be. $3 beers? Hello, new hangout!

But I digress. My friend Rebecca and I went as Buzz and Woody from Toy Story.

photoI only knew a couple people at the party, but there were a lot of familiar faces, if you will: all four of The Golden Girls; Jules, Vincent and Mia from Pulp Fiction; Mario and Luigi; an elaborate—and sweaty—Burt and Ernie. I was especially fond of the Brawny man. I tend to be drawn to the creative costumes that cost next to nothing to make. Mine was $12: $10 for the hat, $2 for a thrift store vest. (I had planned on gluing felt “spots” to it to make it look more cow-like, but the craft store was all out of white.)

Age appropriate or not, I am happy to be out of the slutty-fill-in-the-blank costume phase…


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