I Want That Wednesday

If you’re an Urban Nesting regular, I’m sure you’ve picked up on my affinity for the dark stuff. I ain’t afraid to hide it: I love whiskey. It didn’t really seem all that strange in college, perhaps because of Indiana’s proximity to Kentucky. But in Chicago, I’ve certainly gotten some looks over the years for ordering a whiskey instead of an appletini or coconut rum or some bull (ahem, Red Bull). Vodka is disgusting, except in Bloody Marys—there’s plenty of other crap (Worcestershire sauce, anyone?) in those to mask the taste.

Anyway, I’m happy that Chicago’s mixologist are embracing the tipple, and that it’s now picking up a following even among the lady folks (perhaps it’s more approachable served in a tiki drink like at Paul McGee’s Three Dots—haven’t been? GO. For any of their wskywmnlgdrinks, whiskey or not.). But according to Fred Minnick, a bestselling author with a thing for ascots, women are the unsung heroes behind whiskey (and whisky, and scotch, too!).

“Women invented beer and distillation, and they owned Bushmills, Dalmore, Laphroaig, Johnny Walker’s most important distillery and were instrumental in every aspect of the business, including Maker’s Mark’s Marge Samuels redefining packaging and Jacob Beam’s wife having the money for the first Beam distillery.”

Yeah, girl power! I had no idea we were so instrumental to the liquor. I plan to pick up his new book, Whiskey Women: The Untold Story of How Women Saved Bourbon, Scotch & Irish Whiskey ($16 on Amazon), tonight at a Whiskey Women event at Hungry Brain. The author is going to discuss the book as part of a panel with female whiskey specialists (including distiller Sonat Hart from Koval Distillery, just up the street from me!).

In the area? Join us! Click here for the details. It’s free! (But extra to buy the book, of course.)

Phew, now I need a drink…

(Image: Amazon.com)


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