Weekend Rewind: Fall Fun!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Saturday was the first day in god knows how long that I didn’t have anything planned… and it was amazing! I should have taken the chance to volunteer at the Green City Market (or clean my apartment, for that matter), but I just didn’t feel like it. A few friends and I had chatted about having a fall fun day—pumpkin patch, haunted house, hayrack ride, etc.—but it was raining out in the ‘burbs (where the farms are, obvi), so we had to put the kibosh on that. IMG_4087

So instead we went on an impromtu bar crawl through (mostly) West Lakeview: We started with Bloody Marys (a Peters family specialty) at my apartment, and then visited Ten Cat Tavern, Cullens, Wheel House, Waterhouse and ended up at another friend’s place. Whew, what a day. That’s what my liver was saying too!

IMG_4123While I didn’t get a pumpkin, I did get some fall fun in on Sunday when I went back home to visit my grandparents. The trees are gorgeous out in the boonies, and we got in a nice hike with Coco at Goose Lake Prairie.

IMG_4122Anyone else a big fan of fall? Is there anything new and cool out there I should be doing before the weather turns? Let me know!

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