Reblog: Spot the IKEA!

It’s almost quitting time, y’all! TGIF, amiright? Here’s a fun little quiz to get you through the last hour, thanks to the people at Apartment Therapy.

Take the Quiz: Spot the IKEA

52437e65dbfa3f290a0093bd._w.540_s.fit_I’ve been obsessed with IKEA since I was a kid and visited the store in Houston. I’d pour over the new catalog every year, and even today I use it to gather ideas and get a read on what’s “in.” There’s two blue box stores in the area now, but my love affair with the furniture itself is waning (maybe it’d actually hold up if I didn’t move so often!). But that’s not to say some of the pieces don’t look fab in (seemingly) high-end interiors. Can you spot the IKEA merch in these photographs? I caught all but one. (Hint: some have more than one IKEA item!)

(Image: Apartment Therapy)


One thought on “Reblog: Spot the IKEA!

  1. Picture frames, glass containers on top, hanging lights and stacked cardboard box type metal handles on top left. How many did I miss? Just went to Ikea today.

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