Craigslist Crush: Vintage Étagère

I’m not going to lie: I didn’t know what an étagère was until I ran across this one on Craigslist Chicago, but after some Googling the jist seems to be that the word encompasses a wide variety of “pretty” shelving units. (Please correct me if I’m wrong!) Sometimes it also refers to shelves and/or a cabinet over a toliet, like a space saver, though that’s obviously not the case here.

I’ve noticed a lot of these hitting the market lately (see Crate & Barrel, IKEA and Jonathan Adler takes), and I absolutely love them! Sometimes bookcases can be so heavy in a room, but with étagères, the open shelves (no back or side panels) allow light to pass through, and the delicate frame doesn’t distract from what’s being displayed (and instead is usually worthy of display in and of itself!).

If this vintage brass chinoiserie étagère was just a little bit smaller, I’d be all over it. Whoever snags this piece is a lucky one!

From Craigslist: Vintage brass chinoiserie etagere with glass shelves. Beautiful piece. $275 obo

(Images: Craigslist)


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