I Want That Wednesday

Am I ever going to stop missing college? I know I’ve been out of it longer than I was in it at this point (so sad), but all this talk lately of “the kids” going back to school is making me nostalgic for fall in Bloomington. The changing leaves in Dunn Meadow, rocking my Hoosiers hoodie, tailgating at football games (I wouldn’t be caught dead in the stadium, natch). Can I go back?

Sadly, no. My bank account says so. But it might let me spend $25 on this tee from Etsy‘s I Miss My College:


I’m definitely of the belief that it takes losing something to really appreciate it, and I love IU more now than I did when I was there. Or maybe I’m just getting old and sappy. What can I say, I wear my heart on my sleeve. Or my chest rather.

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