Craigslist Curiosity: Vintage Sofa

I’m an avid surfer of Craigslist; I even look at things I don’t need, like this couch for instance. It’s quite curious, indeed. Anything that references The NeverEnding Story has got to be pretty amazing…


A couch woven entirely from Unicorn manes and the fur of Falcor – $290 (Wicker Park)

“One word. GLORIOUS! Amirite? Look at it! Or don’t! Cuz you might get hypnotized! I think i did a decent job of picturing the color but you really have to see it to feel it. It’s kind of color changing if that makes any sense. Like those cars that were hot in the 90’s that changed colors from different angles. Like that. There’s gold, orange, yellow, a light turqoise, pale greens. It’s a stunner. Literally. I stared at it for about 3 hours so I was sitting there stunned. And it’s in excellent shape. Totally mint except for one thing. One of the seat cushions isn’t embossed like to other two. I think it may have been switched out with a loveseat cushion. It’s still super clean and it’s not very noticeable. I didn’t notice it when I found it and neither did my friends when they first had a look. (BABY DEERS NOT INCLUDED)”

Click here for more info and pics, including one that shows how Falcor looks just like Victoria Beckham!



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