Weekend Rewind: Dog Days of Summer

Come on, how could you possibly resist this face?


What? You can’t? Didn’t think so. She’s just so darn happy!


On kind of a whim, we took Coco to the dog beach Sunday for the very first time. She didn’t seem to love it at first—she wasn’t too keen on the other dogs, the waves or swimming—but by the end, she was fetching a ball out of the water and running around with a couple of the dogs her size (as well as a teeny tiny black poodle—can you spot it in one of the pics?).

For a sporting dog, she’s a pretty terrible swimmer. Her doggy paddle wasn’t even a little bit smooth; she was splashing all over the place and jumping as soon as she could reach those long legs down to the sandy bottom.  I was actually the sore one today from trying to out run her in the water!


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