Shop Stop: Carlos & Sarah’s Surplus of Options

Yes, that’s the actual name, Carlos & Sarah’s Surplus of Options. I can never remember it; I actually had to Google Street View the sign to get the name. It shares an unassuming building with a body shop on the same block as the Trader Joe’s in North Center, and I think the windows are tinted because sometimes it’s hard to spot.

But it’s worth a stop. A surplus of options there most definitely is at this resale store of sorts. You never really know what you’re going to find in there—vintage clocks, G.I. Joe’s, lamps, artwork, books, coconuts… you get the idea—and while I’ve never actually bought anything, I love to visit because it’s almost like a much-less-overwhelming House on the Rock. (Has anyone been there? That place could seriously make a person go crazy. I haven’t been there since I was about 12, but I certainly don’t want to go back any time soon.)

Plus, the owners, Carlos and Sarah, are 20-somethings too so I feel like I should support ’em. The prices are fair, the shop clerks (maybe Carlos and Sarah, I’m not sure) are friendly and there’s always something interesting to look at—if not buy. It’s hard to characterize; check out the pictures and you’ll see what I mean:

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Carlos & Sarah’s Surplus of Options, 3664 N. Lincoln Ave., 773-827-1330

UPDATE 10/1/13: I’m sad to say that Surplus of Options has closed it’s doors. We’re sorry to see you go!


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