Dining Room Revamp: Part I

Ahhh I’m beyond excited about my new dining furniture!

Isn’t it so great? It took A LOT of work via Craigslist (I actually even bought a table, then decided against it and sold it on Craigslist for twice what I bought it for… BOOM!), and a couple trips out to the burbs but I think it was all worth it. The table is teak and in great shape now that I oiled it up. There’s two leaves that slide out, making it perfect for dinner parties. Sure, it’s a tiny bit big for the space, but I’m not going to live here forever. And for $100? It was too good to pass up.

And the Eames Eiffel replica side chairs I bought from a furniture store that had recently come under new ownership. (It was now called Sofa & Rug and would have no need for a stock of chairs, obviously.) Granted, they’re not the real thing, but I’m hoping I can work save up to that and replace them over time.

I’m feeling completely re-energized about the space, and I really want to switch out the light fixture (prolly something I should run by the management company but…) and get to work on the bookshelf revamp. A rug might also be in the running to break up all the wood, as well as some artwork for above the bar. Stay tuned!


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