Weekend Rewind: Adventures Near and Far

Some friends and I had originally talked about going tubing down a river this weekend, but given that it was only 73 degrees (this is August?!), we ditched those plans. Instead, Rebecca and I took a quick road trip up to Madison, Wisc. Why Madison? Well, no good reason really, except that neither of us had ever been there, and we figured we could pay a visit to our Big Ten brother. It’s a lot bigger than Bloomington! I guess that’s not surprising as it is the state capitol. But it is similar in that there’s a strip of bars and restaurants just off campus (a Kirkwood of sorts for us Hoosiers), and plenty of hippies wandering about. We took a stroll around the capitol building where a farmers market was going on, and grabbed a spot on a patio for a Bloody Mary, some cheese curds and lots of people watching. College students look like babies! Then we walked down to the University of Wisconsin campus; IU’s union is way bigger, but Wisconsin takes the prize because it’s right on the lake (and they serve booze!).  Check it out:

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Then on Sunday, I finally talked Julio into going down to the Maxwell Street Market near the UIC campus. This has been on my bucket list for awhile now, ever since I read about how good the taco stands are. And they didn’t disappoint! Fresh tortillas, Mexican Coke and coconut helados… I was a happy camper. This is also a great place to people watch, and the selection of, uh, merchandise varies widely (socks, tools, cookware, paintings, VCR players, mixed nuts, etc.). But hey, what should I expect from a flea market? I think it’s just been so long since I’ve gone to one that I was in culture shock. But it was fun to mark something off the list—and I couldn’t have asked for better company, weather or food!

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