When You Can’t DIY…

Handybook_Logo_blue_on_whiteI have a work friend who’s been complaining about trying to find someone to install her AC window unit (yes, she somehow survived last week’s 100 degree weather without it… then again, she used to live in Abu Dhabi). Her building handyman refuses to call her back for whatever reason, even though she’s gladly willing to compensation him. Lucky for me, I have someone called Dad nearby (currently on his to-do list: help me install a pendant light and put up a shelf—thanks in advance, Pops!), but I realize that’s not an option for everybody.

Fortunately, someone came up for a solution to this; unfortunately, it was not me. Enter Handybook. It’s a new site where you can book a handyman or home cleaner to come to your apartment the very next day. I found out about it from a press release at work (finally, one that is actually useful!), but apparently they’ve been written about in Forbes, The New York Times and TechCrunch so it sounds legit. You can get help with anything from dishwasher issues to picture hanging to IKEA furniture assembly to apartment cleaning. For my Chicago zip code, here’s some sample prices:

Shelf hanging (2 shelves, estimates 2 hours): $98
Cleaning 2BR, 2BA (estimates 3 hours): $105
Unclog sink drain: $190

So it’s not cheap (though that price does include tax and tip), but I imagine it’d be a viable option if you’re in a bind. Have you tried it? Was it worth the dough? Let me know below.


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