I Want That Wednesday

I party like a boss.

OK, that is not true at all. You’ll never find me dancing at Studio Paris or ordering bottle service at… ha, I don’t even know what the popular bars are for bottle service.

But about two years ago I made the decision that (almost) every time I go to Binny’s, I try a different make of whiskey. I haven’t found many I don’t like. (Love me some Whistle Pig!) And now that I’m a somewhat real adult, it’s mostly consumed at home during the week after a hard day’s work. While Don Draper seems perfectly happy with pouring his poison straight from the bottle, I think I’d prefer a decanter:

aef332770bb9a8c82d78f0aabc881e75Now, there’s debate whether a decanter is actually good for whiskey or if it should stay in the bottle, but I’m not keeping it around for months and months here. Plus, it seems a perfect way to incorporate nautical into the apartment without getting over-the-top beachy chic!

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