Foodie Friday: Drumbar

I guess this isn’t so much Foodie Friday as Boozy Friday… Drumbar doesn’t have a kitchen. That’s right. When was the last time you went to a bar without food? (OK, Whistler doesn’t serve food either, but I think of them as more of a music venue.) There’s also no TVs. I like a good sports bar just as much as the next person, but sometimes it’s nice to get away from it all, especially if it’s a place with rich mahogany, leather banquettes and shadowy corners for mischief…


Well, a seductress I am not. But Drumbar has most definitely stolen my heart. Even at $13/a pop.

Here’s five (other) things you might not know about Drumbar:

1. Drumbar is a rooftop bar (on the 18th floor of the Raffaello Hotel, a somewhat unusual location east of Water Tower Place), but they’re not focused on bottle service and waitresses in skimpy uniforms like most of their hotel rooftop competitors. And the indoor area in winter time is pretty great, too (re: description above).

2. The beverage director is Craig Schoettler, who use to be the head honcho at The Aviary (oh crap, there’s a good example of a drinks-only “restaurant,” duh). But while some of his drinks involve blow torches or Italian inmates (not kidding about either of those), his cocktails are certainly more approachable at Drumbar (though I’d stay away from the “margarita” unless you want to guarantee a brain freeze). But here’s the real surprise, to me at least: He’s only 26. Perhaps I should have accomplished more by now…

3. Some cocktails are only available Monday-Wednesday. Schoettler and his crew have all this fancy (and delicate) drink-making equipment, and it’s time consuming, so they can only promise the progressive drinks on the less-busy nights of the week. Plus, one is served in a glass flask, and they worry people would steal them.

4. If you’re a Scotch fan, you’ll be happy to hear Drumbar is a member of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society. You have to challenge a current member to a duel and win in order to steal their membership. OK, that’s not true at all. But Drumbar does land exclusive bottles of single cask Scotch from SMWS each month, and each one is labeled only with its tasting notes (Glazed Cashews and Lemon Lollies, for instance). Kind of cool for the adventurous Scotch drinker.

5. On Thursday nights, they host Bourbon & Beats with live jazz and whiskey flights. I haven’t been, but it seems right up my alley. It’s been added to the summer bucket list. Who wants to go with me?

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