I Want That Wednesday

I don’t know if it’s the nice weather (about time, Chicago) or knowing that school kids are on summer break or something else, but I’ve really been jonesing for a road trip. I keep reminiscing about all the drives down to Louisville (ok, so I slept through most of the drive part) over the years to visit my grandparents and our family fishing trips up north with the Houston crew. I’d love to head out west and see some of our national parks or drive the east coast from top to bottom (so. much. seafood.).

And why wouldn’t I want to do it in style?

004726_r1_e010$!400xIsn’t she beautiful? I guarantee I’d turn heads in the good ol’ trailer parks of America if I were to roll in with this thing. But it sounds like this vintage Shasta Airflyte will be spending her time at weddings and garden parties instead (a California couple bought it to turn into a cupcake trailer for their business, Enjoy Cupcakes).

Click here to see more of these gorgeous photos by Jose Villa Photography!

(Images: Style Me Pretty)

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