Design Inspiration: Entryway Vignette

One of the things on The Home Improvement List that I have yet to address—until now anyway—is creating an appealing entryway:

  • Set up an entryway vignette. (When you open up the door to my apartment, all you see is this little bookshelf that’s cluttered with magazines and sketchbooks and god knows what else. It’s sad. I would love to have something with a little pizzazz. First impressions are everything, right? Wherever I can gain some storage is a plus too!)

A print from the Etsy shop handz is my inspiration:

il_570xN.230272217OK, so yes, it’s an illustration and not something I can actually buy unfortunately. And so the hunt began… and continued… and is dragging on…

Here’s the problem: I need something that will fit in a very specific space (36 inches wide x 17 inches deep, to be exact) because of the way the wall juts out at that spot. And there aren’t many small, mid-century consoles or credenzas like in the illustration out there (or at least not in my price range), and especially not ones that fit those specifications (anything with drawers is usually deeper than 17 inches).

And it has to look good next to my fab bar, of course, so that throws another wrench in the works.

But I started noticing some open shelving that still had the mcm peg legs that I love. For instance, I see this every day because the Ligne Roset store is right below my office. It’s a little too modern for my place, but I could see it easily being recreated—and for much less than the $2,225 price tag.

p315010_488_336-1Have an idea for me? Leave a comment below!


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