I want that Wednesday

Well guys, bad news: My kitchen chairs are kaput. Ever since my Christmas cocktail party, the chairs have been really wobbly. I had my dad tighten them up, and they held out… for like three days. (I was just sitting on them one night to do some computer work, that’s it!) It looks it’s time to upgrade.

That said, I’m kind of at the mercy of Craigslist. I don’t really have the budget to purchase a new dining set from Crate & Barrel or the like. But that’s ok; I like the hunt. I haven’t found anything yet, but I LOVE cane (for whatever reason) so it’d be awesome to work that in. Unfortunately, there’s a ton of that French provincial crap out there that is most definitely not my style.


Uh… no

Now these fabulous MCM cane-and-leather chairs on the other hand…


I’ll take all of it!

But really, there’s so many great chairs out there that I won’t limit myself to cane (I guess…). I’m actually a lot more worried about finding a good table! But that’s the joy/pain of mixing and matching. I’m also concerned about having too much wood in one room… this could take a while!

(Images: The Bella Cottage, Malhold Photobucket)


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