Sourcing Digital Inspiration

LonnyMag_mcmdeskSo yesterday I mentioned that I’d found a way to source an image from Pinterest that had been linked to a generic home page (that had since been updated of course and the content was nowhere to be found—extremely frustrating!). If you’ve ever run into this problem, or if you find an inspiring photo and you want to see images similar to it, well your world is about to change.

Hello, Google Images. Sure, Google Images is nothing knew, but did you know if you take an image and drop it in the search bar, it’ll find it’s original source on the web? But what’s more, there’s also a section in the search results for “visually similar images,” which may lead to more pinning… Just pin responsibly!

Google Images _Image Drop

If you’re web savvy, you may have already known this, but I consider myself such, and I didn’t discover this trick until I read about it in Apartment Therapy. Read their post for a few more Google Images pointers.

(Original image:

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