I want that Wednesday

One of the things on The Home Improvement List that I have yet to address (and it’s even one of the easiest) is designating an area for laundry. Well, I guess the area is already designated—a spot in my closet—but I just haven’t bought a hamper or some kind of laundry-holder. Sure, I could just go with your ordinary plastic laundry basket, but I don’t do laundry all that often so I’m sure the thing would be overflowing with clothes and towels and what not. So I was thinking something more like this…


This is not a walk-in closet I’m talking about here, so it’d be great having a laundry bin on wheels. Plus, I definitely know that I want something with shape, so I can just throw the clothes in there (I’m way to lazy to open up a bag that’s on the floor… sad, I know). Plus, then I could use those sturdy handles to carry it (sans frame) down to the washers and dryers in the basement—or if I’m lucky, to my parents house where I can do laundry for free. I may have to do all of my laundry at their house if I splurge on this $100 dirty clothes holder! (For the record, the basic plastic one is less than $10… Damn you, Crate & Barrel.)

(Image: Crate & Barrel)


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