Shop Stop: Brimfield

How is it that I’ve never written about Brimfield?! It’s one of my favorite shops in the city! It’s part English cottage, part midcentury masculinity and a hint of nautical—so basically right up my alley. There’s one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture, all the tartan throws you could want and plenty of kitschy knick-knacks. Right now, they even have this awesome streamline trailer in the back room that’s all decked out in plaids and vintage picnic and camping gear. LOVE.

The prices aren’t cheap, but they aren’t too terribly out of reach. I’ve never actually bought anything from Brimfield, but I just go for inspiration. They also have a fairly-new event space upstairs that is straight out of Mad Men: the couches are low, the walls are navy, and there’s plenty of bars to keep everyone happy. I would love to have a party there some day!

Brimfield, 5219 N. Clark St., Chicago,

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