I want that Wednesday

I don’t have any close friends or family members out in Boston, but in all honesty, I think the Boston Marathon bombings had a greater affect on me, personally, than 9/11. I know that’s a big claim to make, but in 2001 I was a 15 year old living in the Illinois cornfields; now I live in an urban environment, I’m a runner, I travel… That could have been me. I could have been there. Part of it is also the way we consume news now. We don’t have a TV in my office. I was completely entranced with Twitter that day; I don’t even normally use Twitter. I got next to nothing done at work all afternoon. Violence is such a strange thing to me.

The bombings were exactly one month ago today. I know “I want that Wednesday” isn’t usually so grim, but I’d love to do something to help the victims (on my budget) and commemorate the day. So I’m going to buy these Saucony #BostonStrong Lace Medallions for my running shoes. Saucony is donating 100 percent of sales to The One Fund Boston.

My hope is that when I go on a run and start to lose steam and my gaze falls to my feet, I’ll see the medallions and remember how lucky I am!



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