Before and After: TV Console

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve brought up the Home Improvement List, but believe me, things are coming along. The first thing on the list was:

  • Find and buy a new console for the TV. (I’ve owned this off-white IKEA locker since I was in high school. I actually don’t mind it, and it works in the space, but I broke the key off on the one doors so it’s a real pain to open it. I’m hoping to find a piece that complements the bar, even though that’s in a different room.)


Well, I am happy to report that I can mark that one off the list! Check it out:


Isn’t it beautiful? I bought it on Craigslist for $300, including delivery. Not bad, right? The people who sold it to me said it’s by the company (Johnson Carper) that designed the bedroom furniture in I Love Lucy. Who knows, that could be a load of bs, but either way, I love its lines. It’s amazing how big a difference one piece can make, but it’s really added a lot of warmth to my living room. And it provides so much useful storage space! I put a bunch of my office-y type supplies in there since I don’t have a desk or office space in the apartment.

Now if I could just find some cool artwork or something to decorate the space around it… I know this is a common dilemma. Have a solution? Let me know!


3 thoughts on “Before and After: TV Console

  1. Sarah says:

    If you might be interested in selling that piece I would give you $400 for it. It matches my tall boy and I’ve been searching for one. Totally understand if you don’t even respond. Semi a silly request from a stranger ha. Happy holidays!

    • Hey Sarah! Why don’t you shoot me an email with a little more info? I hadn’t thought about selling it, but I might consider it if I could help someone out. Are you in the Chicago area? -Kelsey (

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