Foodie Friday: Southwest Salad

Julio and I used to order take-out salads from State (we would not be caught dead there on a Friday night, or any night really) when he lived in Lincoln Park. But since then, they’ve changed the menu and our favorite one, a Southwest chopped salad with corn, black beans, avocado and the like, isn’t available anymore. We always kind of hesitated to order them anyway because they were pricey; I think it was around $15/each. For a salad? Really?

Well, now I know why. I tried to recreate it, and damn, there are a lot of ingredients in this bad boy and they certainly add up—not to $15, but throw in the labor? (So much chopping!) It might be worth it…

But the great thing about this salad is that it’s highly customizable. I’m not a huge tomato fan, so I only put in a little. I had a Parisian cucumber laying around, so I threw it in. Yellow, red, orange, green—any pepper works! Chicken or steak, whatever tickles your fancy. But I’ll tell ya, what really makes it: green onion, tortilla strips and a good dressing. I borrowed a recipe for cilantro lime dressing from The Garden Grazer, and it turned out fantastic. So light and fresh—perfect for the weather we’ve been having lately (well, earlier this week anyway). Click here for the recipe.

So despite all the work, I think I’ll make it again, especially since most of these items are things I already have laying around. Bonus: I had some left over and took it into work for lunch—I think it was even better the second day!


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