My heart is in Boston

I’ve wanted to go to Boston since I was 17 years old and had decided Boston University was the school for me. Well, my parents thought otherwise (as did their finances), and they wouldn’t even let me visit campus (probably because they knew I’d love it). I certainly don’t regret going to Indiana University instead, but I’ve still wanted to visit Boston ever since, no more so than today.

I am in complete dismay by the explosions that rocked the Boston Marathon today. What kind of coward would attack one of the pinnacles of all human endeavors? I got really emotional during the last few miles of my half marathon a few weeks back (for reasons I couldn’t explain, I guess it’s just something that happens), so I can only imagine how those runners were feeling, the finish line in sight and then… But the true human spirit emerges in moments like this. The reports of volunteers running toward the explosions to helped the injured are overwhelming. I’m sure more stories of heroism will emerge in the days to come.

Over the past couple weeks, my friend Rebecca and I have been talking about flying out to Boston for my birthday weekend, the same weekend the Yankees play the Red Sox at Fenway. This is absolutely not going to stop me from going; in fact, it only makes me more excited. In fact, I might even try to run the Boston Marathon one day…



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