Foodie Friday: Sauce and Bread Kitchen

I was lucky enough to tag along with a local dining editor to Sauce and Bread Kitchen tonight. The goal was to try as much as we could before we couldn’t manage one more bite… well, mission accomplished.

Super friendly staff (owned by a couple, Mr. Sauce and Mrs. Bread I believe)
Charitable mission (proceeds benefit Co-op Image)
Local products (and production facility right there)
BYOB (oh hai, Huitzi)
Turkey Sammich (on baguette)
Green salsa (I wish I’d bought some to take home)
Citrusade (served in Ball jars, natch)
Breads (what’s in a name?)

Distance (Clark and Devon)
Limited availability (oh, a.m. pastries, where are you?)
Koshary (a noodle salad, better just as a salad no noodles)
Pickle salad (that’s it?)

I don’t really like lamb. Oh, but of Bread and Sauce Kitchen overall: I’ll be back if I have time on the weekends to make the trek. We went at night, and I imagine the vibe of the place is much different late morning. Those homemade pop tarts are calling my name (rhubarb and ricotta, anyone?). Maybe the pulled pork nachos too… though the menu is always changing depending on local availability.

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