Fashion-A-Day Challenge: Day 4

Day4The Outfit
Button-up: J.Crew Outlet
Sweater: Charter Club, Macy’s
Skirt: Ann Taylor Outlet
Mint necklace: Francesca’s

Favorite Part
I love that super preppy pink gingham button-up, but I thought it was a little in-your-face for this early in the spring so that’s why I topped it with a neutral.

Crap, I forgot to put on the shoes I was actually wearing with this! Just imagine some mushroom-colored suede wedges (from Target). I really like the idea of that skirt—it’s hard to tell but it has double-breasted style buttons for a little nautical flare (and pockets)—but there’s also belt loops. Should you actually wear a belt when it’d cover up the first row of buttons? Should it be thick to cover it completely? Or super skinny and colorful? I didn’t know the answer, so I went without.

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