Published: Glass House


Check it out, guys: I’m a real writer! OK, well this is nothing new—I did study journalism, after all—but it’s my first time writing an article for print in almost a year. I realized I really miss it, and luckily Matt, the editor of Men’s Book Chicago, took a chance and let me write The Last Word, the story on the last page of the spring issue. I turned the article in and didn’t hear anything for a week… I was so worried that he hated it and had rewritten the whole thing! It turned out that he just hadn’t had time to read it, and he actually thought I did such a good job that he emailed the other editors and told them to let me write more. It’s so, so nice to get a compliment from a fellow editor. I’m one happy girl! : )

Plus, I got to talk to Ross! I’m sure he gets that all the time—I didn’t bring up Friends at all in the interview—but it was funny to hear that voice coming through my cell phone. He has the same nerdy laugh as Ross, but all in all, he seems like a nice, smart guy. I really do want to see the play he’s directing, Big Lake Big City.

Click here to read the article!

(Image: Gregg Delman for Men’s Book Chicago)


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