Reblog: Own a Piece of Charlie Trotter’s

I’m kind of bummed that I didn’t make it to Charlie Trotter’s before it shuttered in August; I feel like I missed out on a Chicago institution. But perhaps I can make it to one of Grant Achatz‘s restaurants one of these days, you know, when I have an extra $200+ laying around (oh, and somehow land a reservation).

But I digress. You and I can still get in on the Charlie Trotter experience: He’s auctioning off a bunch of items from the famed Lincoln Park resto.

Reblogged from Chicago Home + Garden Domestica e-newsletter: “You probably already know that after shuttering his Lincoln Park restaurant, Charlie Trotter decided to make some extra cash by auctioning off many of the items from inside of it. Unfortunately, the first attempt to do so was abruptly halted by Trotter himself. Well now the restaurateur is giving it another shot—online. Through Monday, you can submit bids on Trotter’s tablecloths, chairs, china, dishes, artwork, china cabinets, pots, and pretty much anything else you can think of that makes a restaurant run. Prices seem pretty low so far (I saw an All-Clad stock pot for only $35), but are sure to go higher as Monday gets closer.”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now it’s all a little too formal for my tastes, but it’s a cool idea to own a piece of restaurant history—perhaps at a bargain.

(Images: Proxibid)

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