I want that Wednesday

Ah my Hoosiers. I cannot get enough of IU men’s basketball right now. Oladipo. is. a. BEAST. Last night, we beat No. 4 Michigan State to stay on top of the rankings. This could be our year! (That comes from a life-long Cubs fan, natch.)

I’d love to show off my Hoosier pride in my decor. I think it’s hard for girls (ok, women) to incorporate sports memorabilia in their homes without seeming immature or tomboy-ish. But whatever, what do I care? Besides, I think a great vintage pennant in a shadow box could be very tasteful. But now, how do I actually acquire one? I’m not really impressed by the eBay options, plus a lot of them are mini-pennants.

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[Side comment: While I’m loyal to my alma mater, I have mixed feelings about Provost Lauren Robel’s recommendation to combine the journalism, telecommunication and the communication & culture programs. I have no problem with the disciplines coming together—journalists need to be able to do it all these days—BUT it should be it’s own school, not be enveloped into the College of Arts and Sciences. Read more about it here: http://bit.ly/ZgGn51]

(Image: eBay)


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