Foodie Fridays: Open-Faced Avocado Sandwich

Guys, I’m obsessed. My affair with avocados was enough, but who thought of mixing avocado with feta? A love guru, that’s who. OK, that’s probably not true at all (though avocados are aphrodisiacs supposedly), but either way, I’m very excited to have something new to add to the lunch rotation.


I saw this on Pinterest, but my version is an adaption of a Saveur recipe—albeit a much more complicated version. This is super easy AND super tasty, which led to my obsession. For one person, all you need is:

1 Slice of bread, toasted (I prefer sourdough or baguette, but any kind will do)
1/2 Avocado, ripened (Peel the outside off, of course)
1 tbsp. Feta, crumbled (I like Mediterranean feta to give it a little extra something)
1 Parisian cucumber (Regular will work, but these are crunchier)
Salt and pepper to taste

While your bread is toasting, mash the avocado and feta in a bowl (I use a potato masher if I’m at home or just a fork if I’m at work—the fork just takes a little more patience), and slice the cucumber. Spread the, well, spread on the bread, top with cucumber, add salt and pepper to taste and—voila!—a delicious and nutritious open-faced sandwich.

Now, there’s plenty of room to improvise. For instance, I did not add tomatoes to the top as suggested because I don’t like tomatoes. You could also add bacon because, well, what isn’t good with bacon added to it? I might throw some red pepper slices on their if I have one (going bad) in the vegetable drawer. Could also use goat cheese instead of feta. The possibilities are endless, people!


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