I want that Wednesday

I am majorly crushing on this pair of nightstands and matching dresser on Craigslist. And for about an hour on Monday, it’d convinced myself I had $700 to spend on new bedroom furniture (all in all, really not that much considering something similar from West Elm runs $800 for the dresser alone). And then I looked at my bank account and realized that most definitely was not the case. Or rather, sure, I could swing this furniture, but then I’d have ZERO money left to do anything else. No new curtains, no paint, no entry way vignette—no food even—no nuthin’.


I can’t imagine myself getting sick of MCM (that’s midcentury modern for us nerds), so my new plan is to try to rework my bedroom in a way that when I do have money to buy “new” (new to me) furniture, that it’ll fit into the room without a complete overhaul again. I’m not sure that thinking will work, but we’ll see. I feel like I’m just going around and around and around in my head… help!

(Image: Craigslist)


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